UK look fantastic value to beat Irish Eurovision entry

Roy The Boy looks at the Eurovision song contest and he cannot believe the price on the UK to beat Ireland with Paddy Power.

The UK can beat the potential non-runner in Eurovison match-bet

Bet365 are going 5/2 about Ireland making the top-ten of their Eurovision semi-final and therefore progressing into the final of famous competition which will be staged next Saturday.

It is an unfair world as Sweden (as defending champions) plus France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK (known as ‘the Big Five’), have enjoyed a fast-track pass into the final since 2000.

So just how Paddy Power make Ireland with Nicky Byrne singing, 13/8 to beat the UK (4/9) in the competition is beyond me.  They are, after all, 5/2 to even get a crack at the UK!

Getting a decent bet on this is the problem, but it looks worth as hefty a wager as limits allow.

Common sense bet…

UK to finish ahead of Ireland 2016 Eurovision (match bet)          4/9 Paddy Power