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The Flagship Story has Sailed

The hot news story of the last seven days, well one of ‘em, is Tralee, Mullingar and Youghal becoming ‘flagship tracks’ according to press release issued by the Irish Greyhound Board this week.

The last time I looked Ireland, which has absolutely no need for 25 dog tracks given its population which is half that of London which has one greyhound stadium, had just the one flagship track, Shelbourne Park.

Actually, if you look at the Irish Greyhound Board’s website you may think there are more than 25 tracks but, to the best of my knowledge, the likes of Navan closed 20 years ago.

I suppose Cork, with its wonderful grandstand could be considered ‘flagship’ on the odd night but Youghall and Mullingar?  Next up the IGB will be announcing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs work there as groundsmen.

Look, I like stretching the truth as much as the next former national newspaper reporter but this fabrication has been picked-up lock, stock and smoking barrel and been published in its entirety in countless places.

I only hope SIS, who have generated this charm offensive by agreeing to a five-year broadcasting deal, have not had the wool pulled over their eyes and, in time, are not left asking “why haven’t we got Shelbourne Park” pictures to broadcast around the world?

Podium weigh-in

From my old passion to one of my new ones, Formula 1.

The last F1 race in Britain may have left a few people scratching their heads.  Nico Rosberg, who crossed the line in second and collected the runner-up trophy, was later penalised for using his radio which resulted in him receiving a time penalty and official demotion to third.

Punters who backed the Hamilton/Rosberg forecast should have still been paid as bookmakers introduced a rule whereby the official trophy presentation represented the ‘official weigh-in’ some years ago.

But the Safety Car market is far more clouded.  There was a Safety Car in Silverstone, it started the race.  Firms like Bet365 paid out people who backed the use of a Safety Car as winners on the back of this appearance alone but others, like Skybet, voided all bets and will do so even if a Safety Car is called out again later in the race.

Most firms seem to agree that a ‘Virtual Safety Car’ does not constitute paying out punters who have backed a Safety Car scenario but, then again, that’s hard to verify as the likes of Ladbrokes and Coral do not even have the term Safety Car amongst their published ‘All Sports Rules’.

God only knows how their punters will fare in a race that starts behind a Safety Car and features just one subsequent Virtual Safety Car period afterwards. It could be a loss, it could be a win, it could be a void bet!

Swiss Spread Swindle

I’ve heard no news from the IG Index customers who have been sent broke by the surge in value of the Swiss Franc.  Before I start, let me be very clear: Spread betting companies are crooks.  They work to enormous margins and they give people massive credit lines not only without it being asked for but also without a customer’s knowledge.  I know, I’ve been victim of this twice.

I told the last crowd to F-off and, as I am live in Ireland (meaning chasing me legally is very tough for them) and my losses were relatively small, they consented.

The latest scandal came in January when small punting customers betting against the Swiss Franc were caught unawares of the Swiss National Bank impromptu scrapping its €1.20 ceiling against the euro.

The Franc’s value surged and people with an exposure of just £2 were suddenly staring at a £5,500 loss. Amongst the victims was an Irish school teacher who was playing the market for £100 a ‘pip’ (a one hundredth of a cent). By the time the market closed that day (at €0.925 to the Franc) he had lost 2,770 pips or £280,000.

How the hell is a guy, who takes home £17,800 a year after taxes and does not own his own home, supposed to clear that off?   My advice to him, as he lives in Ireland, tell them to F-off!  As for the other 370 victims who lost a sum total of £18.4m, try doing a Lord Lucan.  I’d help hide you.

Bully For You

I hope you took last week’s advice, not on Nairo Qunitan to win the Tour de France, but on the Red Bull driver’s winning the Hungarian Grand Prix at 10/1.  The pair – Ricciardo and Verstappen – are into 5’s now (as short as 4/1 with Bet365 who are one of the best judges) for the race.  Of course it is no done deal but we have some clear value on our side for this weekend.

Incidentally, I’m not expecting them to qualify on pole, the second row will do nicely.  This circuit has a poor conversion rate for pole-setters with just three of the last 11 race winners starting from the front.

And the Pin Lands in…

Possibly I have waffled on for long enough, a consequence of having little to put forward this week.  My political guru has assured me Jeremy Corbyn will win the forthcoming Labour leadership race.  But at 4/9 that’s not setting the pulse running.

The best bet I can see is Ding Junhui at 8/1 (Sportingbet) for the World Open which starts next Monday in China.   Ding always performs well on home felt (twice winner of the China Open and the 2013 Shanghai Masters) and his run through the World Championships confirms he is very much on the way back to the top of his game.

Recommended Bet

Ding Junhui    to win the World Open Snooker                  8/1       Sportingbet