Betswot Premium

Betswot is pleased to announce the launch of Betswot Premium from 1 November.

What is Betswot Premium?

Betswot Premium is a subscription-based service that offers more analysis, more SWOTs and more opportunities to profit.  Subscribers can enjoy:

  • Advance access to every SWOT before it’s published on our website (for our more price sensitive followers);
  • Exclusive access to SWOTs that are only available to subscribers;
  • Notification of all new SWOTs (as available in advance to subscribers) by text message and/or e-mail; and
  • Text message notification of betting information that has come to the attention of our contributors, or other advisors, that may be too price or time sensitive to form a full SWOT.

Why Should I Join?

If you staked £10 per point on our selections since we started in August 2012, you would be sitting on a tax-free profit of £4,221.46 at the end of September 2013.

Need we say more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Betswot Premium is available for a monthly fee of £34.99 or €39.99 (depending on your currency selection).  Less than a tenner a week.

And we'll only charge if you've made money in the month.  That's right, our money-back offer means that we'll return your subscription fees for any month Betswot fails to show a positive Return on Investment (ROI).  That way, you can pay for Betswot Premium out of Betswot profits!

How Do I Join?

Simply click on either the EUR or GBP Button below, as appropriate, to become a Premium Member:


No problem.  Simply send us a mail at and we'll respond to it or call you back if you'd like.