Euro 2016 – England Goals look overrated

Puskas looks at the line on the total England goals and he recommends a strong bet on under 7.5 in the tournament.

The pricing of the England total goals in Euro 2016 looks to overrate the scoring power that the English team possesses. We can examine the goal tally that previous English sides have managed in some of the recent European Championships and World Cups as some back up for this and these sides contained some top class strikers, very much on a par with the likes of Harry Kane, even if the Spurs star is still very much improving

WC2014 – scored 3 goals/3 games

Euro2012 – scored 5 goals/4 games

WC2010 – scored 4 goals/4 games

Euro2008 - NA

WC2006 – scored 6 goals/5 games

Euro2004 – scored 10 goals/4 games – far the best England side of past 30 years

WC2002 – scored 6 goals/5 games

Euro2000 – scored 5 goals/3 games

This represents an average of 1.4 goals per game over past 7 tournaments. Do we think England will play more than 5 games? I think this is a very good bet and one that looks likely to deliver unless the English have a stellar tournament and possibly emerge as the outright winners.

Advised Bet:

3 points win England total goals under 7.5 goals at 8-11 with Skybet