Bahrain Grand Prix Betting Preview – Classified Finisher?

Roy The Boy looks at the Bahrain Grand Prix and he has a strong bet on Rio Haryanto to be a classified finisher.

Hary Can Carry My Even-Money Wager in Bahrain

The history book show this weekend’s Bharani Grand is going to be a boring affair.

The circuit, nestled in the middle of a sand swept desert, is as wide as all eight lanes of the M25.  Presumably, if the glue authorities spray on the dunes for miles around the Bahrain International Circuit fails to do its job (in keeping sand off the racing line); the last line of defence is the track’s run off areas which are equally expansive.

The net result is a distinct lack of on-track accidents and incidents which has led to remarkably high finishing numbers at this track. Only twice since the race joined the calendar in 2004 has a Safety Car been called into action and, on recent averages, we can expect all but three cars to finish Sunday’s race.

And therein the bet of the weekend is Bet365’s even-money about Rio Haryanto being a classified a finisher.

This two-way market normally gets a line drawn straight through it as the odds on offer extract the urine.  For example, what is the appeal of 1/6 about Bottas finishing the race and 7/2 about him not doing so?

Regardless of the margins, Bet365’s even-money about rookie driver Rio Haryanto completing 52 of the 57 laps (to be a ‘classified finisher’ drivers only need complete 90% of the race distance) around this wide safe raceway looks a gift.

He may be errant, but it is unlikely.  Very few drivers make it into this top echelon of the sport without a proven ability to race safely and he completed 27 of his last 28 races (in GP2) before joining F1.

This is our only concern as his team have a long history of producing a car which is so slow it will see only limited wheel-to-wheel racing yet is as reliable as an old diesel Hilux.

Haryanto’s car is a Manor, formerly known as a Marrusia.  Last year it powered Will Stevens to 15 race completions from 17 outings while his teammates finished all but one of their 18 race starts.  Previously their car was reliable enough to give Max Chilton 31 completions from 32 starts.

These figures all stack up and make that even-money the outstanding bet of this F1 weekend.

Bahrain GP Recommended Bet:

Rio Haryanto - To be a Classified Finisher at 1/1 with Bet365


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