Max Mosley Formula One & Beyond looks award winner

The money has been coming for it and Roy The Boy is strong on Max Mosley - Formula One and Beyond winning the Cross British Sports Autobiography of the Year Award on Wednesday.

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Did you know former FIA president Max Mosley was once filmed with a bunch of hookers who were allegedly, and at his request, spanking him with whips in what’s been described as a sadomasochistic Nazi orgy?  Probably?

Did you know Max Mosely’s father was the leader of the British Union of Fascists just before the outbreak of World War II?  Possibly!

Did you know his mother was friends with Adolph Hitler and when she married Max Mosley’s father both he and Joseph Goebbels attended the wedding?  No you didn’t!

How about the fact Mosely moved to Ireland as a ten-year-old boy and learned to play Gaelic sports and ride horses?  You would if you got as far as page 6 of his autobiography, ‘Formula One and Beyond’.

I’m not declaring this is a masterpiece but I can say with some degree of certainty it is better than its five rivals in the reckoning for the Cross British Sports Autobiography of the Year Award which will be awarded at Lords Cricket Ground on Wednesday. 

Bet365 don’t see it that way and they make AP McCoy’s umpteenth autobiography 2/1 joint favourite with Steven Gerrard who delivered the second version of his life in 2015.  The also rans include 80’s stars Steve Davis (16/1) and Nigel Mansel (10/1) along with 70’s cricketer David Lloyd (4/1). 

5/2 about Max Mosely’s story – let us not forget he changed book writing and journalism forever courtesy of the Human Rights laws his court battles delivered us – is stand-out stuff and is worth at least a passing interest. 

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Max Mosley to win the Cross British Sports Autobiography of the Year        5/2   Bet365