Firstly, thanks for taking the time to visit us at Betswot.  It’s greatly appreciated.  For those interested, we’ve included a little background on us below.

Betswot has been created by punters for punters.  Our overall ambition is to bring readers quality analysis that arrives at a betting conclusion after balancing the pros and cons of it against the price on offer.  For this, we’ve adopted the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis format, more commonly used in business, to assist our readers weigh up the evidence and conclude whether the selection we’ve made is compelling or not.

Here’s a few points on how Betswot intends to operate:

1.  There won’t be a minimum number of new SWOTs each week.  The reason:  we want quality, not quantity.  If there’s nothing of appeal, we’d prefer to patiently wait for an opportunity rather than publish something for the sake of it.

To ensure we’re not content-driven, our contributors don’t operate to deadlines or to a minimum number of submissions per month.  In fact, we asked them not to call us until they’ve uncovered a betting opportunity of interest.

2.  Value is at the centre of our selections.  Our tips may not always win – no one is claiming to predict the future – but the price will always favour the punter.

3.  Over time, patiently waiting for betting opportunities that offer value should deliver profits.  But only if the punter isn’t giving away value by limiting themselves to just one or two betting accounts.

4.  We’re sports fans ourselves.  But if you’re looking for nice, well-written, background pieces on the main sporting events of the week, you’d better look elsewhere.  We’re only about analysis here.

It’s not a coincidence that we cover fewer high-profile sporting events than other websites.  Bigger events are usually keenly priced and punting them is, over time, a losing game.  We’d prefer make money from “less sexy” events than lose money in the main ones.

5.  We’re starting out so please bear with us.  We won’t get everything right … or even most things right … but we’ll do our best.

One aspect we’re looking to improve over time is the coverage and quality of our contributors.  More sports covered by guys who can find value – and follow our ethos – is high on our agenda.  If you think that could be you, give us a call.

6.  Our Points Record will be published on the website for all to examine.  And it will be accurate.

7.  Our Membership packages are coming soon.  For all the reasons above, members won’t be promised a minimum number of tips per month either.  But they will receive an exclusive preview of all SWOTS before they’re freely available.  An important factor for those keen on securing best price.

8.  We love feedback of all kinds – good or bad – so please e-mail, Tweet or Facebook us with your comments and suggestions.

We hope that the above gives a good indication of what we hope Betswot can become for its readers.  Insightful.  Trusted.  Valued.

Good luck!